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Blessed Trinity and St Patrick Parish Life Survey

As a parishioner of Blessed Trinity and St Patrick Parishes, your opinions regarding your religious and parish experiences are very important and can directly affect the day-to-day successes and failures of our parishes. To ensure that pastoral staff and volunteer ministers are providing you the best possible programs and services, we ask that you please invest a few minutes to respond to the following survey. We encourage you to take this opportunity to provide ideas that will enhance your religious life. All comments are welcome and will be reviewed.

Parish Life Survey Form

1) All who come to our church experience welcome and hospitality

  • Strangers are welcomed as guests.
  • People linger and engage with one another.
  • Those with different needs are accommodated by rides to church, rooms to change babies, etc.
  • Changes that new people bring are met with a flexible and hospitable spirit.

What do you like MOST about the hospitality at our church?

What specific ideas do you have to enhance our hospitality?

2) Our liturgies are uplifting and inspirational.

  • Music played during Mass enhances the worship experience.
  • Relevant homilies are connected to the lives of the community and send all forth nourished and challenged.
  • Lectoring, distributing communion, and the worship environment also enhance the worship experience.
  • Our liturgies nourish parishioners, foster spiritual growth, and propel them into the community and the needs found there.

What do you like MOST about the Liturgy / Mass?

What specific ideas do you have to enhance the Liturgy / Mass?

3) Servant leadership is practiced.

  • All parish leaders – priests, staff, pastoral council, or other committees – gain trust when they practice collaborative decision-making, transparency in policies, and empowerment at all levels.
  • Leaders listen to parishioners’ concerns, communicate consistently and engage members by challenging, inviting and welcoming their involvement.
  • Parishioners are offered opportunities to take ownership of the mission and ministry of the parishes.

Your comments:

4) Parishioners are recognized as gifted and are called forth to use their gifts.

  • Ministry needs are identified and parishioners are encouraged to become active in various ministries.
  • The parishes provide training in the various ministries.
  • The feeling of collaboration is high.

Your comments:

5) Faith is nurtured.

  • Education programs, seasonal missions, youth activities and other programs are offered for various ages.
  • Opportunities to be spiritually nurtured are constantly cultivated.
  • The powerful gifts of Catholic tradition are practiced.
  • Liturgical prayers are practiced and sacramental opportunities are provided.

Your comments:

6) Outreach to the Body of Christ is practiced.

  • We reach out and serve those in our community, e.g., addressing homelessness, poverty, unemployment, unmet needs of the elderly.
  • Members who are absent or separated from the community, perhaps by illness, college, or military duty, are still connected to the body and given loving attention.

Your comments:

7) Communal life abounds.

  • Parishioners gather people for study, outreach, formation and fun.
  • Pastoral care helps parishioners respond to needs because relationships have been built and nurtured.
  • The time for care by a loving community happens every day; death, illness, family crises and life’s difficulties come to all.
  • Members connected communally find opportunities to engage even beyond themselves into neighborhood undertakings or ecumenical efforts.

Your comments:

8) Evangelization is fostered.

  • Parishioners reach out to inactive Catholics, past parishioners, and the unchurched.

Your comments:

9) There is a plan for a sustainable and responsible future.

  • Parish leaders form a vision for the parishes, develop a long-range plan for the future and evaluate the success of parish actions.
  • New ideas and fresh ways of doing old business are welcome.
  • Stewardship for church facilities is integrated into parish programs and structures.
  • Consultation is actively sought, widespread and ongoing.

Your comments:

Overall, I am satisfied with my parish experience.

Your comments:

Other suggestions or thoughts:

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