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By clicking the submit button below, you hereby certify that the information in the fields is correct and you give permission for that child to be transported in privately owned vehicles for medical emergencies only, and for the release of medical records to an attending health care professional in case of illness.  You understand that every effort will be made to contact the parent or guardian.  If one can not be contacted, you hereby give permission for a qualified physician to secure proper treatment for the child.

Please note that sacrament preparation is separate from religious education classes.  A child must be enrolled for the year he/she anticipates receiving a sacrament as well as excellent attendance in religious education or Catholic School the year prior.  Parish membership is also required to enroll in the religious education or sacrament program.

For further information on sacramental preparation, please visit the sacraments site.

Questions or concerns, please contact:

Director of Faith Formation & Youth Ministry

Please note:  The form below is for one child.  If multiple children need to be signed up, multiple forms need to be submitted.

Book and materials fee:

1 child = $25

2 or more children = $50

After August 24 of this year:

1 child = $30

2 or more children = $60

Paying by Check:

Checks can be made payable to:

Blessed Trinity Parish


St. Patrick Parish

Checks can be mailed to the CENTRAL OFFICE at the bottom of this page.

Children's Faith Formation: Pre-K through grade 8

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If you are interested in volunteering as a catechist in the Faith Formation or Youth Ministry programs, please indicate below.


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