On Thursday, March 28, the Parish Life Committee held their kickoff meeting. Representatives from all four
Churches discussed these foundational topics: our committee roles, using consensus as our decision-making
process, member introductions, member commitments for working together, why we are here – our
“compelling reason for change,” our “Hopes” – expectations about what can be accomplished, our “Fears” –
doubts about making an investment to work together, as well as next steps.

We also discussed the status of the survey: approximately 225 total surveys had been received by March 27 –
a combination of paper responses as well as on-line responses. Thank you for investing the time to voice your
concerns and suggestions for increasing the engagement of our parishioners and the vitality of our parish. To
date, no regular committee members have read any of the surveys.

Our committee’s original plan was to enter the survey data into an online tool call “SurveyMonkey” on
Thursday, April 4, and then meet shortly afterwards to begin analysis of the data. However, after reviewing
this approach with the Diocese of Rochester (DOR), there has been a change of plans. To preserve complete
anonymity of survey authorship and to ensure that all comments are constructive, the Diocese has appointed
a neutral party within the DOR to (a) enter all the numeric data and written comments into the SurveyMonkey
tool and (b) remove any comments that contain negative personal comments. The overriding purpose is to
ensure safety for everyone.

The output of this exercise will be two-fold: (a) a complete, un-edited report that will be available to Fr Mitch
and (b) an edited/redacted report that will be available to the Parish Life Committee members. The
timeframe for producing these reports is sometime in the May timeframe. Because of the extensive amount of
write-in comments, the process of transcribing comments will take time.

After the Parish Life Committee receives the edited/redacted report, our work will resume to analyze the data.
An underpinning of this process is to be clear, transparent and to focus on “the greater good” of our Parishes.
If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact Fr Mitch, Kelley Peron (Vice chair from St
Patrick) or me (Chair from St John).

Please keep us in your prayers as we move forward.

Respectfully submitted,
Dick Orth

Parish Life Committee representative:

  • St. James: Laura Hoppe, Jim Simons and Jim Walsh
  • St. John: Mike Gillio, Mary Anne Hornick and Trudy Mertson
  • St. Margaret Mary: Dan Cacciaglia, Sharon Hickey and Mary Alice Natishak
  • St Patrick: Joyce Mantei, Peter Kapuscinski and Brian Szymaniak

You can also contact Dick Orth from St John, the committee chair or Kelley Peron from St Patrick, the committee vice-chair. Thank you again for submitting your thoughts and recommendations to make our parish more vibrant and engaged.