Youth Faith Formation

All youth Faith Formation programs in our parishes follow the guidelines and curriculum of the Diocese of Rochester. Because faith formation is a life-long process, classes are available for those in pre-school through grade 12 and are held at all churches and at various times to fit the needs of families. Classes for pre-K to grade 5 are held during the school year. Each class meets for thirty hours from mid-September through mid-May for one and one-quarter hour once a week. Students register for the same grade they attend in school (i.e. a 2nd grade public school student will attend a 2nd grade Religious Ed class). Each student has his/her own Religious Ed book to work from in class and at home. Regular attendance is encouraged and accurate records of attendance are kept on file. In addition, seasonal workshops for families and for those using our home study materials are part of our program in order to encourage families to strengthen their connection between family and the parish.

Children’s Faith Formation

The goal of faith formation for these grades is to help our Youth Church know God as creator, comforter and friend. Catechists challenge our youth in many ways to encounter God through scripture, sacraments, the discernment of gifts, by serving others and in the Eucharist.