Faith Formation for Children:

At Blessed Trinity/St. Patrick Parishes we have options of faith formation to help you in the faith development of your child. Classes and workshops are held close to our Mass times to make it convenient for families. Currently, we provide the following options. Please discuss with your family which program best fits the needs of your family.

Traditional Sunday Morning Program

Classes for preK-grade 5 are held on most Sundays from September – May. Pflaum Gospel Weeklies are Lectionary-based and are grade-level. Catechists lead the children in prayer and lessons in their classrooms.

All sites currently use the Traditional Sunday Morning program with classes held most Sundays around Mass.  If you feel you have an extenuating circumstance that requires something different, please contact below:

Contact Information:

Director of Faith Formation & Youth Ministry


Online Registration Form

Children’s One Time Permission Form:

Children’s One Time Permission Form

Religious Education Class Makeup Form:

Religious Education Class Makeup Form

Online Assignment Notification Form:

Online Assignment Notification Form


Sunday School is Awesome!

St. Patrick 3rd grade

St. Patrick 3rd grade.

St. Patrick 4th grade.

St. Patrick 4th grade.

St. Patrick 5th + 6th grade.

St. Patrick 5th + 6th grade.

St. Patrick pre-k – 1st grade.

St. Patrick pre-k – 1st grade.

St. Patrick pre-k – 1st grade.

2017-03-14 St.James Hygene Bags For The Needy.

2016 St. Patrick’s Christmas Play.

2017 Reading Station Of The Cross.